Renewing Our Collective Memory of How Things Change

One of the books on my summer reading list is Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities. She explores what it means to sustain hope amidst difficult times. Many of her themes are around how our minds and cultural ways of thinking and sharing information can constrain our sense of what is possible…. Read more

Six Conversations that Inspire Change

Note: This guest blog post is from Katherine Golub, a professional coach and consultant with in Western Mass. She has been a student in Marlboro College MBA courses I teach. I was happy to see how much she appreciated this book by Peter Block, one of my favorites. Thanks, Katherine! You know those books that you pick… Read more

Resources for Small Groups in Turbulent Times

The last few weeks have left a lot of people feeling overwhelmed and concerned about proposals and policies addressing issues and values they hold dear. A request came through a list serve I’m on asking how to create small groups to help people deal with a sense of overwhelm and take action. I’m sharing here… Read more

Quotes That Lead in New Directions

True to the name of our business – New Directions – we seek out ideas, tools, and ways of working together that can enable us to create a thriving future distinct from the harmful ways of the past. The following is a compilation of quotes gathered along the way in 2016: How We See Our… Read more

Imaginal Cells: A Model from Nature for Transforming Systems

The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly provides a compelling metaphor for those working to re-imagine and transform organizations and larger systems to be thriving, restorative, and sustainable. This metaphor illustrates how connecting networks of those working for change is the next step to bring about a larger transformation. Elisabet Sahtouris, an evolutionary biologist… Read more

Horizontal Loyalty

Imagine this time of sustainability transition as a wave, where all along the leading edge are people and organizations inventing new ways of using clean energy, renewing democracy, creating businesses that solve social problems, and thousands of other innovations to create a better future. Each person or initiative, in their own way, has to go… Read more

Seeing the Numbers

“When 300 million people do unconscious behaviors, then it can add up to catastrophic consequences that nobody wants, and no one intended” photographer Chris  Jordan said in the TED video below. His photographic work aims to translate the statistics of what is happening in our culture into images, as he says “into a more visual… Read more

Inspiration on Earth Day

On Earth Day, we offer some quotes and strategic questions to inspire your thinking: We live in an era where truth is most often found by looking away from the spectacle presented to us. – Rebecca Solnit What are the positive stories of change that are rarely covered in the media? Millions of people across… Read more

The Transition…Where Do You Fit?

The transition to a thriving sustainable future will require large-scale changes—and everyone has a role to play. “A leader is anyone who wants to help at this time” as the Berkana Institute defines it, which is a useful reminder that we do not need to wait for leaders “at the top.” Paul Hawken, in his… Read more