Our work blends together a variety of services and tools, tailored to each context. We work in the spirit of partnership with an eye to building the skills and self-organizing capacity of our clients to create positive change.

Building Networks for Social Change

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Networked collaboration, particularly when creating systems change, has unique challenges and complexity compared to creating a strategy for one organization. Our facilitation and strategy support helps participants develop a clear shared focus, agree on impactful actions, and create ways of working together that capture the benefits of networked collaboration. A core focus is to create experiences each step of the way that show the value of investing in collective work, helping participants design a network that aligns with and amplifies their individual and organizational purpose. Click here for more details on network strategy.

Facilitation and Participatory Event Design


Within any group, there are myriad combinations of experience, ideas, and knowledge that can be brought together to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. We design and facilitate gatherings that are highly-interactive, inspiring, and enable deeper levels of interconnection, synergy, and learning than traditional meeting formats. We specialize in creating inclusive spaces for voices not traditionally at the table and navigating differences and conflict in ways that create transformative solutions. Click here for more details on techniques we use.

Coaching/Training to Build Collaborative Leadership Capacity

Creating large-scale change requires a shift of focus from individual leaders and organizational strategy to collaborative leadership. We help build people’s capacity to work in networked ways to create transformative progress on complex challenges. Examples of challenges we help navigate include finding strategic focus, designing agendas to tap collective wisdom and enable the best results, and how to engage across difference and deal with power dynamics. Click here to read a blog of an interview with one of our clients were we serve as a network coach/thinking partner.

Network mapping and visuals of systems

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is true in multiple ways when working to bring together diverse groups to change complex systems. We offer surveys, graphic design, and social network analysis tools  for people to better understand the systems they are working within. Visuals of systems and network maps of how organizations relate to each other provide a foundation for developing shared understanding and for participants to align their work and find new connections. Click here for more details and examples of network mapping.

Strategic Questioning

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The fundamental orientation of a participatory style of leadership is open inquiry, which means starting with questions, not answers. We help our clients build their skills in framing powerful questions, which create a container or “set the table” for people to explore and discover the answers themselves. Questions can serve as a catalyst to inspire movement, reflection, and creative thinking. They open up a space of possibilities, helping people see beyond limiting beliefs and assumptions. Click here for more details on strategic questioning.