Network Thinking Partner: An Interview with Janne Flisrand

Since 2014, I have had the pleasure of working with Janne Flisrand in the role of a coach/thinking partner supporting her role as a Network Weaver for a new national network, called Network for Water, Energy and Health in Affordable Buildings (NEWHAB.) She also has her own consulting practice called Flisrand Consulting. I recently interviewed Janne as an opportunity to… Read more

Listening that Enables Emerging Possibilities

I recently participated in an on-line course presented by MIT and Otto Scharmer about creating transformative change (amazingly, with about 40,000 other people around the world). The course explores frameworks for how we personally and collectively can address the challenges of our time and change systems that are “creating results nobody wants.” The heart of… Read more

Hold the Vision, Dad, Hold the Vision

I’m pleased to share this guest blog post from John Tener, my dad, who has been an inspiration to me in his persistence in working for positive social change over decades.  “Tommy” Menino, 20 year-long mayor of Boston, died a month ago…  He was eulogized and buried on November 3, the day before the election. … Read more

Wearing Two Hats

In working on a new field guide for collaborative networks with the Garfield Foundation, I have been exploring the capacities that are important to model and encourage among participants in the early stages of developing a collaborative initiative.  A key one is to encourage people to hold a dual responsibility to their organization and the… Read more

The Art of Participatory Leadership

I had the opportunity to participate in a gathering called The Art of Participatory Leadership, which is defined as “an intensive 3-day event where you experience and practice a set of simple, yet powerful, processes for building community, facilitating powerful conversations, building strong partnerships, and leading change.” While I have experienced several of the approaches… Read more

Invest in the Field

One of the potential benefits of working in a network is the capacity to learn together quicker. Harold Jarche calls this “social learning” – the idea that learning and work happen as interconnected groups (e.g., networks.) In times of rapid change, we need information and feedback about innovations and what works and doesn’t to flow… Read more

Lighting the Spark of Intrinsic Motivation

<p”>This experience may be familiar to you: I attend a meeting and walk in feeling I have a full plate and do not want to take anything more on. As we get deeper into the conversations and explore an area of mutual interest and what can be done, an excitement builds about possible work we… Read more

Roles in the Transition from Old to New

We are pleased to share this guest blog post by Peggy Holman, which originally appeared as a guest blog on Jesse Lyn Stoner’s blog.  Like a great wave, cultural stories carry us along, creating a coherent view of our world. For example, the phrase the “American Dream” evokes a story that has inspired generations to… Read more