Energy Smart Transportation Initiative

What does it take to make the transportation sector more energy efficient? The State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) sponsored the Colorado Energy Smart Transportation Initiative to explore this question. New Directions Collaborative, in collaboration with Sonia Hamel of Hamel Environmental Consulting and Pat Field of the Consensus Building Institute, helped to facilitate a cross-agency collaborative process to develop a framework ESTLogofor considering energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in transportation decision-making. The initiative was led by the CO Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Energy Office.

With SSTI assistance, a collaborative team composed of federal and state agencies, MPOs, and rural planning partners came together to leverage resources and promote efficiency and effectiveness among agencies by exploring ways to develop “energy smart transportation” strategies.

Click here for the full report including a framework for considering GHG’s in transportation and  the strategies that were prioritized to help Colorado incorporate energy efficiency and GHG emissions in transportation planning, increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions from transportation, advance environmentally friendly alternative vehicle and fuel technologies, and increase efficiency through truck fleet enhancements, improved traveler information, and other methods. Click here for slides from a webinar that overviews the strategic planning and collaborative process used to develop the framework.

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