Inspiration on Earth Day

On Earth Day, we offer some quotes and strategic questions to inspire your thinking: We live in an era where truth is most often found by looking away from the spectacle presented to us. – Rebecca Solnit What are the positive stories of change that are rarely covered in the media? Millions of people across… Read more

Oppression vs. Innovation

The coverage of the oppressive conditions in the Middle East and Obama’s recent speeches about cultivating our innovation potential at home were a striking contrast. A New York Times article described Egyptian leader Mubarak’s rule saying: “His brand of despotism produced an authoritarianism that suffocated his people, a bureaucracy that corrupted the most mundane transaction… Read more

Where Good Ideas and Solutions Come From

Many aspects of addressing the sustainability challenge are what Ronald Heifetz, who teaches leadership at Harvard, calls “adaptive problems” as contrasted to technical problems: “There are problems that are just technical. I’m delighted when a car mechanic fixes my car, an orthopedic surgeon gives me back a healed bone, or an internist gives me penicillin… Read more