About New Directions Collaborative

Beth Tener, Principal

Beth Tener, PresidentBeth Tener, Principal of New Directions Collaborative, is a facilitator, organizational consultant, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in helping organizations and networks to enhance their environmental and social responsibility performance. She specializes in helping people to collaborate across functions and organizations in pursuit of joint goals. This includes stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, mapping networks, and developing commitment, consensus and action plans to implement change. Her work is informed by broad experience in how organizational change happens, systems thinking, and sustainability issues, gained through work with over 150 companies, government agencies, foundations, and non-profits. Her skills in structured writing, graphics, and oral communication help clients clarify and generate alignment around a compelling argument for change.

In her previous role as Executive Director of Sustainable Step New England, she trained hundreds of people in principles of sustainability and how to put these into practice in their work. She helped internal “change agents” take leadership within their organization to adopt green practices and facilitated networks of change agents from government agencies, businesses, and non-profits. She also convened dialogues between sustainable business leaders and government about how government policies could help advance sustainable practices. Prior to that she was a Senior Consultant at Arthur D. Little, where she consulted with dozens of corporations in diverse industries to help them create strong internal management systems to deliver on their sustainability goals. She has been invited to give speeches on sustainability, strategy, and catalyzing networks for a wide range of audiences including MIT Sloan Business School, National Environmental Partnership Summit, the National Association of Environmental Trainers, and the NESEA Building Energy conference. She serves on the faculty of the Institute for Corporate Sustainability, a joint project of NH Business for Social Responsibility and University of New Hampshire Whittimore School of Business.

Beth has a B.A. in Political Science from Bates College and a M.S. in Environmental Technology from Imperial College in London and has a Permaculture Design Certificate. 

We cannot intentionally create unless we are able first, to imagine. Imagination may be the most essential, uniquely human capacity – creating both the dead-end crises of our time and the doorway through them.

- Geneen Marie Haugen