In fall of 2019, we are pleased to be partnering with Emily Daniels of Here This Now on a two-day intensive workshop on Building a Trauma-Informed System in Hancock, NH.

Building a Trauma-Informed System

November 13-14, 2019
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM EDT

Given the complex inter-related challenges our communities and organizations face, it is becoming imperative to work across disciplines, organizations, and cultures to develop workable solutions.

For some time, those knowledgeable about ACES/trauma remained focused on the individual that experienced adversity.  “Treating trauma” was client/patient focused, psychotropic medication dependent, and cognitive/ behavioral in emphasis.  Yeah, that’s so 2005.

Today, becoming “trauma-informed” is about initiating and sustaining systems change.  It begins with acknowledging that the current functioning of public service (i.e. education, health care, mental health, etc.) compounds survival reactions rather than mitigates them. Becoming a “trauma-informed” system requires intentional actions (reflected in organizational processes) that generate psychological safety and autonomic nervous system regulation.

In this interactive workshop, participants build capacity for guiding systems change. Participants learn about complex systems theory, systems phenomena, key considerations in initiating change in a system, adaptive challenges, participatory leadership and processes, social network theory and network thinking.  Participants then apply these theories and principles to their own systems and identify actions for initiating change.  We also reflect on the aforementioned concepts as they relate to the “Self-Healing Communities” framework that revolutionized a county in Washington State.

This workshop is co-presented with seasoned trauma-informed trainer, Emily Daniels.  Intentionally offered in the bucolic village of Hancock, NH, participants will leave this workshop feeling connected, informed, inspired, and more equipped to champion trauma-informed change in their respective settings.

Cost: $399.00, lunch provided at The Hancock Inn


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