DESIGN strategies for collective impactCONVENE energizing meetingsCATALYZE action through networksBUILD collaborative leadership skills

arms handsEngaging diverse perspectives and working collaboratively across business, government, and the social sector are imperative to address complex challenges, such as transitioning to a clean energy economy and rebuilding regional food systems. By working in networks, individual separate efforts can connect, scale, and cross-fertilize enabling the emergence of completely new possibilities.

New Directions Collaborative helps facilitate and weave networks within and across organizations to enable leaders to create collective impact at a larger scale. We help create the spaces and conditions for diverse groups to discover innovative solutions and create a dense web of collaboration to spark and sustain change on the ground. Strategic questions are the heart of our approach, which are open questions that inspire movement, reflection, and lend themselves to situations where fresh thinking is needed.

We offer services in four related areas:

Design Strategies for Collective Impact

  Engage the whole system to change the system
Develop common vision and network-enhanced strategies for action, with governance structures that cultivate shared leadership and accountability to deliver tangible results
Convene Energizing Meetings that Get Results

  Create meetings that do more
Engage a diversity of perspectives, tap the collective wisdom of a group, strengthen trust and relationships, and learn together to speed progress on individual and shared goals

Catalyze Collective Action through Networks

  Tap the full power of networked collaboration
Create network structures that access the full potential of a group to deliver on common goals and help each organization “do what they do best and link to the rest”

Build Collaborative Leadership Skills

  Cultivate individual's capacity to work in networked ways for greater impact
Enhance individual skills to work in networked ways across organizations and functions, working for change with a systems perspective

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